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Who is Ami, the loctician behind Medusa Dreadlocks?

I'm Ami, and I'm the face, driving force, visionary and loctician behind Medusa Dreadlocks. My dreadlock journey began in 2017 as I took that first step into a new world of alternative hair! I had two rows of dreadlock extensions hidden underneath my super thick hair, and it was the start of something transformational. Or maybe it wasn't the start, but the continuation of a process of self discovery, healing and authenticity that I'd began several years before. Either way, my life has changed beyond recognition in the years since. I have let go of the expectations that other people and my own self had about how I presented myself to the world, how I behave and socialise and especially the work that I am to do. It has been liberating and freeing and I find myself in unknown territory in my 30s with feelings of peace and contentment! I understand that you may be on a similar journey yourself, and can relate to these words and the stories that I share on social media about my clients. I invite you to reach out to me and let me help you take those next few steps along this path of authenticity.

My Loctician Training

In 2018 I joined the Seienstyle Professional Loctician Training with my mentor Ann-Marie Christell. I felt a calling to do something different, after years of working in the social housing sector and support work. I had trained as a counsellor, a Reiki Master and taken qualifications in Social Housing in order to be able to serve and help others. I always felt the need to be helping others and connecting to those in need. After a while my energy and capacity to work within the limitations of the public sector, within the strict boundaries and confines of job descriptions and performance reviews, had worn out. I needed to move on and I felt a deep, inner call to do something completely different. I started my training with a passion but no real idea of how a business would be born. But I followed the path I was being shown and have put my all into creating Medusa Dreadlocks!

I have received extensive and in depth loctician training. The Seienstyle method is different from many other techniques you may come across or have experienced before. It is gentle, effective and refined and I am very proud to say that I was the very first student and then official Seienstyle Affiliate in the UK. I trained for 6 months, completed 12 different models and worked 7 days a week to become a certified loctician. I am an absolute perfectionist with hair and I would never have been comfortable learning how to dreadlocks from the internet or on a weekend course. 

Soon after I qualified I left my job in social housing to work as a loctician full time. I have spent 4 years perfecting and refining my technique. I had an amazing hands on loctician workshop with Seienstyle in Amsterdam in 2020, just before lockdown! 

During lockdown I trained with Dreadshop, who are absolute specialists in synthetic dreadlocks in the Netherlands and I completed their Professional Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist course. I made and installed a countless (!) amount of synthetic dreadlocks to become an official Dreadshop Affiliate. 

I take my work incredibly seriously and I am committed to providing you with not only the best dreadlock work I am able to offer, but also an amazing client experience. I have always loved working with people and I much prefer working one to one instead of in a group. What we share when you come into my space is genuine and authentic connection and I invite you to allow yourself to step into the bubble and really go on a journey as your new hair is created. There is magic to be experienced and it's my honour to witness and hold you through the transformation. 

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When I'm not working you will find me out in nature, walking in the woods or climbing mountains. I'm passionate about natural health, wellbeing, spiritual evolution and all things weird and wonderful! I'm an alternative mum (so my kids say!) and passionately vegan!

I can't wait to meet you and work some magic on your dreadlocks!

See you soon... Ami x


Are you feeling the call for something more free, raw and authentic?

Let's start your dreadlock journey together!

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