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Dreadlock Extensions

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Introducing our speciality service - Dreadlocks with Extensions. At Medusa Dreadlocks, we take pride in our signature Medusa Method of dreadlock creation, a bespoke blend of backcombing and crochet techniques meticulously refined over years of practice. This method is gentle yet robust, ensuring the integrity of your hair while achieving stunning results.


With meticulous precision, we seamlessly join premium-quality, human hair dreadlock extensions to your dreadlocks, offering a solution for clients seeking added length without compromising on style or quality. Everything is made from scratch as we go, using loose, hand-blended hair to create the perfect thickness and length, as well as incredible depth of colours. Whether you desire extensions that perfectly match your hair colour or opt for a stunning ombre effect, we tailor each detail to suit your preferences.


At Medusa Dreadlocks, we believe in providing an exceptional service that is about more than just hair! We offer a holistic experience unlike any other. Step into the temple space of Medusa Dreadlocks, a sanctuary where Ami, our expert dreadlock artist, holds space for you to explore and release. Beyond just crafting beautiful dreadlocks, we understand the transformative power of this journey. As you entrust us with your hair, we invite you to let go of more than just physical tension; here, you can shed the weight of daily stresses and delve into deeper introspection. Whether it's unraveling personal challenges or simply finding solace in a moment of peace, our temple space is a haven for your holistic well-being. Embrace the opportunity to not only transform your hairstyle but also nurture your mind, body, and spirit at Medusa Dreadlocks.

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