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Dreadlock Extensions

Start Your Dreadlock Journey

Welcome to Medusa Dreadlocks in Chesham, Buckinghamshire

Dreadlock Extensions

Have you been thinking about getting dreadlocks for a while but didn't know where to start, who to ask, or if it would 'work' on your hair? 

Maybe you've felt a deep inner calling to show who you really are to the world. A more authentic, raw version of yourself. But you've worried about what your boss, your family or friends might say or think. 

Have you been on a journey of deep transformation, healing and self discovery, and feel that an external change is part of the process? I've felt all of these things too!


Are you feeling the call for something more free, raw and authentic?

Let's start your dreadlock journey together!


How Do I Create Dreadlock Extensions?

Dreadlock extensions are my speciality service. If you want to keep the length of your hair after it's dreaded, or if those super long, beautiful dreadlocks are what you're dreaming of, then you will want to have dreadlock extensions. 

I start the process in the same way as if I was just dreading your natural hair. Careful sectioning, and I dread your own hair with a backcomb and very specific crochet method that I have developed myself. Then come the extensions. 

The method that I use to attach the extensions, like the crochet method that I use, will likely be different to what you may have researched or come across before. I don't pre-make dreadlock extensions before you come. I will have several different shades of loose human extension hair that I will hand blend to achieve the correct shade, thickness and length that you want. 

I then attach this loose hair directly to the dreadlock in your own hair using a crochet hook. Once attached, I continue the backcomb and crochet process to create a dreadlock extension. Creating extensions in this way allows for a completely bespoke result. The extension join is seamless, strong, and the extension itself is the perfect thickness and length for your hair. I can make them as long or as short as we decide together on the day.

There will be no bulky joins or hard lumps. Colour transitions are beautiful and natural. The extension will be securely attached and will not slip out. Because of the very gentle and refined crochet method, the whole dreadlock will be soft and supple and not hard or stiff. That is the beauty of this technique and allows for stunning dreadlocks with incredible length.

How Long Does My Hair Need To Be?

If your hair is a minimum of 4 inches long then I can dread it and add extensions. This minimum length allows for a good secure join so there is no risk of the extensions slipping out. The extensions that you have don't need to be excessively long. I can create whatever length you like. We will need to take into account the strength and thickness of your own hair if you wanted to have super long, waist length extensions! If you have very short, fine hair, then we will need to decide on a sensible length so as not to put too much strain on your roots. 

How long does it take?

Dreadlock extensions are a long process! Typically, a full head of long extensions will take 3 days to complete. This is because I don't pre-make anything, everything is made from scratch so that the extensions are perfect for your dreadlocks. This is a transformational journey and as such, I encourage you to enjoy and honour the long process. I aim to create a safe and sacred space for you, and we will go through the journey together. It is my intention that we will share deeply and connect genuinely during the time we spend together. It is a magical process and I very much enjoy getting to know my clients so well as I create your beautiful hair.

How Do I Take Care of My New Dreadlocks?

Download a free copy here of my Care Guide for everything you need to know about how to look after your new dreadlocks. After an initial settling in period, dreadlocks should be washed around once a week. Keeping your scalp and dreadlocks clean is really important for your own comfort and for the health and appearance of your dreadlocks. I recommend a natural, residue free shampoo and very minimal other products. Wax should never be used on dreadlocks! Visit Dreadshop and use code MEDUSA_DREADLOCKS for 10% off dreadlock safe products.

The most important things to look after your dreads is that they are washed, rinsed thoroughly and then allowed to dry as quickly as possible. Regular maintenance, every 2-4 months, is also highly recommended. 

Your Investment for Dreadlock Extensions

The investment for dreadlock extensions will vary depending on your hair length and thickness and how long you would like the extensions to be. I will need to see pictures of your hair showing the length and thickness, and an idea of what you would like to achieve before I can give you a quote. Dreadlock extensions typically take 3 days, and a lot of work is involved. I use premium quality, human extension hair and the cost includes the price of the hair which again will vary depending on how many wefts it is necessary to buy. I work out the investment based on an hourly rate, and a full head starts at £945 depending on the factors listed above.  

*Prices subject to change without notice.

"I'm absolutely loving my dreads and have had such amazing feedback from everyone including those who had been dubious about me having them!
I can't thank you enough! Your work is very special & it occurred to me at 3am that the reason why you can really feel that energy coming to the surface & changing is because it is knot magic! One of the oldest forms of magic that is practised everywhere even though people aren't aware of it! You have a lovely energy & all the things we talked about went into those knots & really awakened me! Awesome!"


Feeling the call to get dreads for yourself?

Let's start your journey together!

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