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Dreadlock Maintenance

Let's start your dreadlock journey!

Welcome to Medusa Dreadlocks in Chesham, Buckinghamshire

Dreadlock Maintenance

Dreadlock maintenance is an essential part of your dreadlock journey. Whether you have had your dreadlocks created professionally or if you have made them yourself at home, having maintenance is going to make a big difference to the health of your dreadlocks. 

Have you been doing some home maintenance but struggling to keep on top of things, especially the back where you just can't see, and getting those awful achey arms?! Or maybe you feel like your hair has got completely out of control and you're hiding it under a hat and hoping no one will notice? 

Or do you feel like your hair just needs some love and a good sort out? Wherever you are on the spectrum of dreadlock tidiness, I can help!


Are you feeling the call for something more free, raw and authentic?

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What Does Maintenance Involve?

Maintenance is how we keep your dreadlocks looking beautiful and keep on top of things like lumps, bumps, weak spots and the frizziness that you must learn to live with if you have dreads! After your initial dreadlock creation, your hair is going to grow and your dreads are going to start the maturing process. Lots of things happen from month to month. When dreadlocks are new, they will have a tendency to become fluffy and frizzy as the hair is getting used to being knotted together. Over time the frizziness will lessen as the hair really knots together and matures. 

You will also go through periods of shedding hair from the root. This is a normal process that everyone with hair goes through. New hair grows in place of the shed hair and this creates short, messy hair at the roots of your dreadlocks. 

As the hair matures and tightens up, weak spots in the dreads can occur. Extension joins are a prime place for this to happen and, depending on the method used to attach them, they sometimes need a bit more attention. 

I can fix most things with a good maintenance session. Maintenance can range from a general tidy up of new growth and a bit of fluffiness, to a full on dreadlock rescue. I will sort your dreads into their rightful sections once again and crochet in all of the loose hairs. I can strengthen weak spots and replace damaged extensions if necessary.


Don't be afraid to reach out to me if you are embarrassed about the state of your hair. I can guarantee that whatever has happened, you will leave my studio looking and feeling a million times better than when you arrived. 

How Often Do I Need Maintenance?

I recommend coming for maintenance every 2-4 months to keep your dreadlocks looking and feeling amazing. Dreadlocks do change in appearance over the months and years. Some bumps and wiggles are normal and add lovely character, but to avoid huge kinks and solid lumps, regular maintenance is advisable. 

Brand new dreads should have maintenance 2 months after their creation, and going forward 2-4 months is a good frequency. 

How long does it take?

The time for a maintenance session will depend on how many dreads you have and how much work they need. Partial dreads could take 1-2 hours, and a full head could be up to 5 hours depending on the amount. 

I will need to see pictures of your dreads to advise you how long the session will be so don't be shy in sending them over to me! 

Your Investment for Dreadlock Maintenance

The investment for your maintenance will depend on how many dreads you have and how much work they need. I work out the price based on an hourly rate of £65. A full head of 40 dreadlocks could take approximately 3.5 hours and therefore would cost £227. Partial dreads will take much less time.  

Send me your pictures and I can give you an accurate quote and timings.

*Prices subject to change without notice.


"I was going to cut my dreads off because they got in a mess and I couldn’t find anybody to sort them out. I found Ami and she did an amazing job and now I love them again!! Would highly recommend!"


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