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Inner Child ~ Alchemy Sessions

With Ami Watkins- Visionary Alchemist: Dreadlock Educator & Transformation Coach


Your Inner Child is an aspect of your consciousness that makes up part of who you are as a whole. It is an aspect that, for many of us, is shut down, ignored and unacknowledged. Our behaviour and beliefs are shaped between the ages of 0 to 7 years old, when we are learning from everyone around us how to be, and who to be, in order to be accepted. 

We have all experienced childhood trauma to some extent. Our sub-conscious mind holds onto all our experiences whether we remember them or not. Your Inner Child could be viewed as the part of you that is creative, fun, joyful and loves unconditionally. It can also be emotionally reactive, fearful and craving validation. Your Inner Child holds onto all the situations where your needs have not been met.

Inner Child healing is about re-conecting with this innocent aspect of yourself and fostering a more open relationship between you as the Adult, and your Inner Child. It's about meeting the needs of the child that have been neglected, for whatever reason and circumstance. 


The journey towards recognising and nurturing our inner child is not just an exercise in self-reflection; it's a transformative path to healing and authenticity. It encourages us to reconnect with that primal source of wonder and vulnerability, leading to a richer, more fulfilling existence. As we tend to this inner child, we find ourselves healing wounds we didn't know we carried, unlocking a level of self-awareness that illuminates the path to a more vibrant and authentic self.

Alchemy Sessions

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