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Partial Dreads & Dreadhawks

Let's start your dreadlock journey together!

Welcome to Medusa Dreadlocks in Chesham, Buckinghamshire!

Partial Dreads & Dreadhawks

Have you been thinking about getting dreadlocks but you're worried about the commitment of a full head transformation? Would you like to be able to change your style and have a bit more flexibility about your look? 

A lot of people decide to start with partial dreads, that is, having a few dreadlocks underneath their loose hair to start with. If you're worried that dreads won't suit you (they will!), or you want to just start off slowly, partial dreads is a great idea and a gorgeous look in itself!

If you have shaved parts of your hair, either back or sides, you can still rock an amazing look with dreadlocks. Dreadhawks are a super cool look for everyone. 


Are you feeling the call for something more free, raw and authentic?

Let's start your dreadlock journey together!


What Are Partial Dreads and How Do They Work?

Partial dreads just means that you don't have a full head of dreadlocks! I usually recommend you start with 2-4 rows of dreadlocks underneath your loose hair. I always start at the back and underneath, sectioning neat rows so that it is easy for you to manage. To get a good blend between the loose hair and the dreadlocks we will have to take into account your hair thickness and length and then decide how many rows to do. 2 rows is approximately 7-11 dreadlocks. If you have thicker hair you may feel it is better to have more rows so that the loose hair falls nicely over the dreads.

I always advise you to have dreadlock extensions because the dreaded hair will end up much shorter than the loose. Your hair length and personal preference will help us decide how long to do the extensions. 

For dreadhawks, you will probably already have shaved back and sides and I will section neat rows in the hair that you have. If you don't already, I recommend that you have your hair cut by a barber who can do this for you first. If you want to talk to me first about how much hair to leave then please message me and I'll be happy to talk this through with you. 

Depending on your hair length, we can create dreadlock extensions in the same way that I make them for full heads. Or if your hair is longer than shoulder length we can just dread your natural hair if you'd prefer. 

How long does my hair need to be?

For partial dreads I do recommend that you have at least shoulder length hair before we start. This is because of the way the loose hair falls over the dreadlocks. If the loose hair is too short and blunt and then you have some sparse long dreadlocks poking out at the bottom, the transition between the two will not work as well. Shoulder length or longer, and the right amount of dreads to balance the thickness of your hair is a beautiful, soft and subtle look. 

I will warn you that dreadlocks are addictive, and I have had many many clients start with two rows and then go on to have a full head over time!

How long does it take?

Partial dreadlocks can take from 3-7 hours, depending on how many rows you would like and the length you would like the extensions. 

Dreadhawks can take from around 3-4 hours to create in natural hair, and up to 10 hours with extensions. 

Your Investment for Partial Dreads

The price for partial dreads and dreadhawks will depend on the length and thickness of your hair, how many rows you would like, and how long you would like the extensions. I work out the price according to an hourly rate of £65. 

2 rows of partial dreads with extensions can take approximately 4 hours and therefore would cost £350 including the extension hair. More rows will take longer and will cost more. 

I will need to see pictures of your hair showing the length and thickness to be able to advise you on what will work for you and give accurate quotes. Send me your pictures with your initial message to save time!

*Prices subject to change without notice.

"Ami is a lovely lady, talks through options of what would work best. I travel 3 hrs to see her and it is worth it! I am really pleased with how she has made my dreads and enjoy the conversations while it's being done. Would definitely recommend."


Feeling the call to get dreadlocks for yourself?

Let's start your journey together!

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