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Synthetic Dreadlocks

Start your dreadlock journey here!

Welcome to Medusa Dreadlocks in Chesham, Buckinghamshire

Synthetic Dreadlocks 

Have you been thinking about dreadlocks but you're not sure if you're ready for the commitment of permanent dreadlocks? Maybe you like to be able to change styles and colours easily, and you want a hairstyle that's flexible and can be taken in and out!

Do you want to be able to add some texture, volume and bright colours into your hair easily for festival season or for short term? 

Synthetic dreadlocks are the perfect way to try out having dreads without actually locking up your hair. You can have any colour combinations you like without dying your hair, and you can have a few underneath for a pop of colour and texture, or a glorious full head. 

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Are you feeling the call for something more free, raw and authentic?

Start your dreadlock journey here! 

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What Are Synthetic Dreadlocks and How Do They Work?

Synthetic Dreadlocks are premade dreadlocks that can be braided into your loose hair, or easily attached onto real dreadlocks for extra volume and colour. They are either single ended or double ended, and come in an endless variety of colours. 

Synthetic Dreadlocks should be worn for 2-3 months maximum in loose hair before they need to be taken out and re-fitted. This is so that your own hair doesn't start to dread up at the roots. After a hairwash and a comb through, you can either have your dreads braided in again or you can return to having loose hair for a while!

There are various techniques for making synthetic dreadlocks. In 2021 I completed the Dreadshop Professional Synthetic Stylist training to become an official Dreadshop Affiliate. I use a premium crochet method that results in dreadlocks that are beautiful and will be endlessly re-usable. I use a blend of different colours to create depth and unique, bespoke shades. When fitting I use careful sectioning to ensure that the dreads are comfortable to wear and give lovely coverage over the head for a full and balanced look.


The synthetic dreadlocks that I make are made from a premium quality material called Henlon Hair. Synthetic hair is often covered in a chemical coating that can cause irritation and even allergies in some people. The hair that I use is amazing quality with no chemical coating. 

How Long Does My Hair Need To Be and How Many Do I Need?

If your hair is a minimum of 4 inches then you can have synthetic dreadlocks braided in. 

The amount you need will depend on your hair thickness and the look that you are hoping to achieve. I use a mixture of single and double ended dreadlocks for my full sets and we will discuss together what you will need. 

How long does it take?

Having a full head of synthetic dreads braided into loose hair usually takes 3-4 hours. This will depend on your hair length and thickness, and how many dreads we need to braid in. Partial sets can take 1-2 hours, again depending on how many you have. 

To create a new, bespoke set of dreadlocks for you takes time for me to make! From the point of order I usually ask for 4 weeks to allow me enough time to make the dreads. 

How do you take care of synthetic dreadlocks?

I recommend natural, residue free shampoos for you to use on your dreadlocks. I recommend washing your hair once a week while wearing synthetic dreads, focussing on keeping your scalp clean. Visit Dreadshop and use code MEDUSA_DREADLOCKS for 10% off dreadlock safe products.

Washing dreads is a similar process to washing normal hair, don't be afraid to fully saturate everything and make sure you rinse thoroughly after washing. I will talk through care routines when you come for your appointment. 

Your Investment For Synthetic Dreadlocks

The price for a set of synthetic dreadlocks will depend on how many you wish to have, the colours that you'd like and therefore the cost of the materials. The investment is split into two parts - the cost of the actual set of dreadlocks to be made, and the cost of fitting them which is charged separately. 

A full head of synthetic dreadlocks starts at £350 for standard length, volume and materials. For longer lengths, multiple colours and ombre dreads, the price will increase. Partial sets are priced per dreadlock and depend on length and colours.

Fitting of synthetic dreadlocks is calculated at an hourly rate of £65. A full head usually takes between 3.5 hours and costs approximately £227.

*Prices subject to change without notice.

I had my synthetic dreads installed with Medusa Dreadlocks and honestly it was a beautiful experience for me. The patience and how accommodating Ami was, was a relief for me. Her customer service and manner is wonderful and I left looking great and feeling even better. She is a gentle, wonderful and really talented stylist and I have become a loyal fan.


Feeling the call to get dreadlocks for yourself?

Let's start your journey together!

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