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Welcome to Medusa Dreadlocks

Medusa Dreadlocks was founded in 2018 as a business that could offer transformational hair services whilst providing a therapeutic and alchemising environment for its clients. Our vision was to offer elite dreadlock services that transcended the negative stigma attached to dreadlocks. We provide dreadlock artistry and a sanctuary for those wishing to express their individuality in a raw and authentic way.


We have expanded to provide dreadlock education for those wishing to embark on the Loctician journey with our Dreadlock Academy. Our professional dreadlock courses equip you with all the skills you need to build a successful dreadlock business using our signature Medusa Method.


To support your personal journey, we also offer 1-1 coaching to guide you through life's challenges, focusing on your unique goals, building self-worth and facilitating true transformation.

Founder | Ami Watkins: Visionary Alchemist: Dreadlock Educator & Transformation Coach

Our founder is Ami -  Loctician, educator and coach. Her former roles were support focused, a combination of Reiki healing, counselling and support work in the forms of housing and homelessness prevention.



As a single mother to two incredible girls, Ami's journey is a testament to her resilience and dedication to continual personal growth and service, in the face of challenge and adversity. From embracing dreadlocks as a symbol of individuality and strength to forging a new career in a highly niche and alternative sector, Ami's evolution has been profound. 

As a visionary with the unshakeable belief that every person should be free to express themselves authentically without fear, Ami was determined to offer a service that not only facilitated the physical transformation, but supported its clients through the emotional and spiritual unfolding that occured. With a focus on providing exceptional client experiences and fostering genuine connections, Ami guides individuals through transformative experiences, empowering them to embrace their true selves.

As a result of her extensive experience and training, Ami has developed her signature Medusa Method of dreadlock creation. Along with her passion for the dreadlock industry and the desire to empower future dreadlock artists with the opportunites and necessary skills to build their own flourishing business, the Medusa Dreadlocks Academy was created. The Academy offers elite dreadlock education as well as the personal and professional coaching that potential locticians require in order to navigate the journey to becoming a loctician.

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