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Price list for Medusa Dreadlocks

The price for dreadlock work varies hugely from person to person. The information below is a rough guide to my prices for different services. For accurate quotes I will need to see clear pictures of your hair showing the length, thickness and colour. If you have dreadlocks already it helps to know roughly how many you have. Please send me your pictures when you make contact with me to speed up the process. 

Natural Dreadlocks (no extensions) - Price from £450 - £630

The cost will depend on the hair length and thickness. Shoulder length hair of average thickness will take 8-10 hours to dread and prices start from £450. 

Dreadlocks with Human Hair Extensions -  Shoulder length extensions £945. Mid back/bra strap length extensions £1,125. Waist length extensions £1,215

The cost will depend on the hair length and thickness as well as the length you would like the extensions. A full head of extensions can take up to 3 days to complete and prices start from £945 including quality human extension hair that I supply.

Dreadlock Maintenance - Partial dreadlocks from £65. Full head from £227

The cost for maintenance will depend on the amount of dreadlocks that you have and how much work they need. I charge by the hour for maintenance at an hourly rate of £65. A full head of dreadlocks can take between 3.5 and 5 hours and would cost between £227 and £325. Partial dreadlocks can take between 1-3 hours depending on the amount. If you are wanting to have a big overhaul of your dreadlocks, with resectioning and extensions for example, the work may need more than one session to complete. Please send me your pictures and let me know what you're aiming for and I can give you more accurate quotes. 

Partial Dreadlock Extensions - £350 - £700

The cost for partial dreads will depend on your hair length and thickness, how many rows you'd like to have and the length of extensions. 2 rows of dreadlocks makes approximately 7-11 dreadlocks and takes roughly 4 hours. The price is based on an hourly rate of £65, so 2 rows starts at £350 including extension hair. Up to 4 rows will be a lot more work and will also require more extension hair. 

Dreadhawks - Natural Dreadlocks £195 - £260. Dreadlock Extensions From £610

The price for a dreadhawk will depend on your hair length and thickness and whether you want to have extensions or not. A dreadhawk with natural dreadlocks could take 3-4 hours and the price starts from £195.

A dreadhawk with extensions could take around 8 hours depending on hair length and the price starts from £610 including extension hair.


Synthetic Dreadlocks

The price for a set of synthetic dreadlocks will depend on how many you wish to have, the colours that you'd like and therefore the cost of the materials. The investment is split into two parts - the cost of the actual set of dreadlocks to be made, and the cost of fitting them which is charged separately. 

A full head of synthetic dreadlocks starts at £350 for standard length, volume and materials. For longer lengths, multiple colours and ombre dreads, the price will increase. Partial sets are priced per dreadlock and depend on length and colours.

Fitting of synthetic dreadlocks is calculated at an hourly rate of £65. A full head usually takes 3.5 hours and costs £227.

*Prices subject to change without notice.

Deposits are required for all appointments without exceptions. Due to the nature of my business I cannot hold dates without deposits or transfer dates once booked. You will be sent my deposit terms at the time of booking. 

How To Book An Appointment

My appointments are strictly by appointment only. I do my consultations via messages and I will need to see pictures of your hair to give you quotes and to make bookings.

I strongly suggest that you email me for bookings so that your message doesn't get lost!

Email address:

Please attach photographs to your initial message to save time!

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